When it doesn’t quite go to plan

This week I failed the writing challenge completely. I attempted 4 seperate times to get something written and each time it felt lack luster. So instead of looking at what I was trying to do. I felt I would try to address the writing block.

I could always point to it being the christmas/new years period and it was a complete lack of time. But thats not true as I found the time and energy to write for other projects. What it was, was a complete lack of inspiraton.

So, what is inspiration? I happen to spend alot of time around creative people; those that create music or art. Some who write or compose. Everyones answer seems to be the similar in nature. They either take varying forms of substances as assistance or they last on their creative playlist. It’s all external. To me, well if I want to explore something or need to get a negative feeling out of my system I’ll get it on paper so I can critically review it. I write to music but it’s more just to block out external distractions, unless of course I want to generate a certain emotion within myself. Internal asscioations are always stronger like that.

But normally I’ll just start writing and let it flow before I do an edit and proof read. Then refine from there. So what went wrong?

“Hey Fate?”
A noncommittal grunt from his left as Fate looked mildly interested in the scene in front of them. Either way the pair were pretending that the burning building they had just ran out of looking as inconspicuous as possible didn’t exist.
“I think we should head to the Inn down the road. The one with the fancy sign. You said wanted a wine right”
“I am a bit thirsty; can’t think why though. Please lead the way”
As Destiny grinned wolfishly he slid the trench knife he was holding in his sword arm into its sheath strapped to his lower back. Sweeping back his hair and joining his younger sibling as she casually sauntered down the road. Now there were cries of despair coming from around them. People had finally noticed luckily they had left the scene before they were recognised. It was only a short walk to their destination. It was small; the name was obscured by grime and soot. It was damp the smell of wet wool from the cloaks drying near the fire was everywhere; but there was wine. Watching as Fate chose the table with the least amount of drunkards on it, close to the window Destiny sourced a bottle of wine he was assured was not vinegar. As he cautiously sniffed it once he managed to work the cork out he was pleasantly surprised; it was wine. Just.
As the pair got comfortable Fate untied her hair and shook it down. Its uneven cut added an element of wildness to her normally amused expression. Making small talk a stranger joining their table stilled their conversation instantly. Both brother and sister expressions hardened

So the above was the latest effort I produced before I threw in the towel. Ironically the characters have been a recent creation and I’ve got a few hundred words on character notes as their concept’s prooved interesting.  I think the theme was the issue. With something as abstract as ‘Loyalty’ it’s harder to get that into words without it seeming forced. Which incedentally was my problem. I spoke to my partner and he agreed that it had been an issue for him as well.

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