Carpe Noctem

Up until a few years ago, I swore by the Carpe Diem mentality. Make good of your opportunities for they only come around once. Live life in the present without fear or regard to the past or future. It served me well; very well actually. I had some fantastic experiences which not only furthered me as a person but offered me chances that very few get to witness. I have worked in a Michelin kitchen with barely a year and a half of Commis training under my belt. I’ve had the pleasure of working in some of the finest and prestigious venues within London. Admittedly it’s not been a completely positive experience, there have been some adventures which did not end up as planned.

However, as I bade farewell to a co-worker at work (at the time of writing this) instead of offering the normal positive energy. I opted for something more meaningful. I concluded with Carpe Noctem; Seize the Night. Obviously, the connotations are not an indication of a life of jumping into mind self-indulgence. No, it has far more sombre inference then its brother saying.

It was used as an expression for no fear and in the context to which I used it, it was a nudge that maximizing that time you have left is perhaps a path worth taking. It’s something that as I grew older and started thinking more about the little things in my life that I needed to nurture started to become apparent. My choice of career doesn’t leave you with a fantastic amount of time without sacrifice. You do not often get a set week of work, often on call and living a slightly different timeline to the rest of the world. So gradually, my ethos changed from jumping on the opportunities to a more fulfilling development of the time I had.

To that end of the last two years, I have pursued projects with have nurtured a side to which I am very private about. I write. I write often. As to the quality of what I write I have no idea since I don’t share it very often. However, it has led to an introduction to the world of tabletop gaming which has culminated in a running of a long-term campaign which has not only been a resounding success but fills me with pride every-time I talk about. Not only for my own progress but the collaboration in storytelling I have achieved.

Which leads me to now. I have finally found the motivation (or courage) to start putting something on a public domain. I envision it will probably be; summaries of my own debriefing from my Monday session. A breaking down of a weekly writing challenge myself and a friend take part in and my own thoughts on aspects of development in all area’s that I want to improve on.

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